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October 08, 2007


Victor Howard

Adam - By "rock star", I assume you mean a great track record of success. I agree. However, I tend to think of it more as "sitting 1st chair in a symphony orchestra". Someone who is highly accomplished in their field, at the top of their game right now, and (most importantly) knows when to shine as a soloist and when to contribute to the beautiful music as part of the orchestra. I tend to shy away from the "prima donna". Although highly talented, this person can sink an organization. Hmmm...back to the rock star, I guess the same applies. Given the choice, I would choose Pink Floyd, Chicago, Led Zeppelin over Britney any day of the week. Smiles...

Adam Salamon

Great post and thanks for the link. I think another good thing to look for in a candidate is whether that person has been a rockstar at their previous jobs. You should communicate that you're looking for someone to be the best employee at your company. Has that person done that at their previous jobs?

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