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August 14, 2007


Victor Howard

Josh - I signed up for the PMBA members forum and look forward to the interaction....


Josh Kaufman


Thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you find the PMBA useful. When you have a chance, stop by the PMBA Member forums (http://personalmba.com/members/) ... we have some great discussions planned in the coming weeks.


Victor Howard

Agreed. I believe there is much to learn from variety of books (i.e. history, biographical, biblical). I just picked up Einstein by Walter Isaacson and cannot wait for a few free moments to start reading it.


Not on the list, but in my opinion just as much a jewel to a business education is, The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin. There's more common business sense packed into that 30 page prelude to Poor Richard's Almanac then a whole library of strategic thinking manuals.

Having said that though, I just picked up Getting Things Done, which I highly recommend as one of those books which remind you once again of those common sense approaches to organization easily forgotten in a chaotic and unorganized world.

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