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July 27, 2007


Victor Howard

Harry - you crack me up. I like your attention to detail. The new "Moore's Law" went right past me. But there may be some interesting element of truth there. Once "score is kept", everyone wants a piece of the action. This is a little take away I had from Seth Godin's August 27 post called "The Scarcity Shortage". Instead of finding ways to "make the pie bigger", people/organizations work really hard to "get their piece of the pie" -- which keeps getting smaller and smaller...


Harry Joiner

"what gets measured, gets manufactured."

That's classic. A new Moore's Law.


johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Victor ... "what gets measured, gets manufactured." As you note, that business saying applies to blogging.

I've never chased rankings with my Brand Autopsy blog. Instead, I prefer to share stuff I find worthwhile and interesting.

I learned long before blogging became a part of my life that the more I share, the more I learn -- and blogging fits into that thinking for me. The result of blogging for me is new learning.

Learning new stuff. That's the measurement which motivates my appetite for blogging.

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